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26 April 2014 - Cornăţel station maintenance, Hosman-Cornăţel sector maintenance - 2 participants

Agenda: We sprayed herbicide on 1.1km of track from Cornățel towards Hosman and we made some repairs to the moto-draisine and one of its carriages.

15 March 2014 - Agnita station maintenance, Carriage shed - 5 participants

Agenda: We returned to Agnita today to continue spring cleaning, finish riveting tin joints and opening both main doors of the carriage shed. We salute the first participation of five years old Camil, who not only made everybody smile with his wind kite but also worked beside us.

01 March 2014 - Agnita station maintenance, Carriage shed - 4 participants

Agenda: Spring cleaning, repairs and improvements to the carriage shelter is what four railway volunteers did yesterday at Agnita. More exactly, Radu and Alex dealt with fitting an extension to the roof ridge and riveting joints of tin sheets on the sides of the carriage shed, while Mihai raised ground level inside the shed and Bogdan cleared part of the station grounds and platform of dead vegetation. We also opened one of the main doors of the shed and the sun shed light on the carriage for the first time in the last 16 months.

22 December 2013 - Marketing - 3 participants

Agenda: We continued gathering signatures in Ștrand neighborhood.

21 December 2013 - Marketing - 4 participants

Agenda: We went out in the streets again to get signatures for the SAR. This time in Ștrand neighborhood.

15 December 2013 - Marketing - 2 participants

Agenda: Today as well we gathered signatures for the SAR at the Platoș Ski Arena in Păltiniș.

14 December 2013 - Marketing - 6 participants

Agenda: Today we split in two groups. While boys went out to get signatures in Terezian neighborhood, girls went up to Platoș Arena in Păltiniș to fill our lists with signatures.

07 November 2013 - Marketing - 8 participants

Agenda: Next to another 250 fans at Ioan Gyuri Pascu & The Blue Workers - with the mocanita at Sibiu concert, in Club Oldies. We dealt with welcoming participants, gathering signatures, fitting everyone with t-shirts and simply entertaining.

05 November 2013 - Marketing - 1 participant

Agenda: We put posters for Ioan Gyuri Pascu's concert at the student dormitories and faculties in Sibiu.

03 November 2013 - Marketing - 2 participants

Agenda: We put posters for Ioan Gyuri Pascu's concert at clubs and cafes around the town center.

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