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21 July 2012 - Hosman-Cornăţel sector maintenance, Carriage shed - 7 participants

Agenda: We split into two teams: Marian's dad, Laurie and Mihai stayed at Agnita to build the doors for the carriage shed, while Marian, Dani, Bogdan and Virgil took the moto-draisine to Hosman to remove trees and branches from the final part of the Cornățel - Hosman track section, in preparation for next Saturday's event (Transylvanian Brunch in Hosman, where we'll be driving tourists up and down with the moto-draisine). Unfortunately both teams suffered in terms of efficiency due to an engine failure on the draisine. By the end of the day we had one of the carriage shed doors built, as well as some 2.5 kilometers of track deforested from Hosman towards Cornățel. We couldnțt connect to the already cleared track section towards Cornățel due to 2 meters of missing track and many spikes and fishplates which have recently vanished.

Sibiu - Agnita (- Sighișoara) Railway the "Prietenii Mocăniței" Association