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29 September 2012 - Carriage shed - 4 participants

Agenda: Today we set off for Agnita to put tin on the front and back of the carriage shed.
Before that however we had to re-arrange the stuff inside our room in the station building to make way for the bycicle-trolley. Our friends from SARUK used it on Thursday to inspect the track between Agnita and Bârghiș swamp and couldn't fit it in the room due to some sleepers blocking the way.
We then moved on to the carriage shed, where Vlad painted the metal frames while Laurie, Virgil and Mihai mounted tin on one of the big doors. It wasn't an easy task, the incline of the roof involving many measurements, cuttings and tests. Furthermore, the awkward position and two broken drills contributed to the low efficiency of the day.

Extras: Towards the end of the day we were visited and encouraged by our British friends from SARUK, upon their return from the Brunch held at Apold.

Sibiu - Agnita (- Sighișoara) Railway the "Prietenii Mocăniței" Association