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30 September 2012 - Rolling stock repair workshop - 9 participants

Agenda: The former owner of the SAR goods warehouse in Agnita urged us to take away the wood which is still stored on his land. Thus, taking advantage of the presence of our SARUK friends, we joined forces to transport the wood to the station.
We rented a lorry and managed to load, transport and unload half of the wood, planning to return for the other half. However, moving around all that wood proved to be much more demanding than anticipated, so the second transport was postponed to a later time. Once unloaded in the station at Agnita, we started piling the wood under the shed, by the side of the carriage, but we ran out of breath before getting the job done, which is understandable considering our combined age was around 500.
We greatly thank our friends for their help, them also offering to pay for the transport, through individual donations.

Sibiu - Agnita (- Sighișoara) Railway the "Prietenii Mocăniței" Association