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13 October 2012 - Rolling stock repair workshop, Points and switches - 2 participants

Agenda: Although we had planned to continue fitting tin on the ends of the carriage shed at Agnita, both the low number of volunteers and the rainy weather forced us to re-consider. We thus ended up at the station in Vurpăr, where we met an old friend - Valer Cândea, the last engine driver of the Mocănița. After a careful inspection of the station infrastructure, we decided to take away one of the point levers which had its fixings compromised and thus was in danger of being stolen. We then carried on to Agnita where, after a quick cleaning of our room in the station building and storing the point lever, we finished piling under the shed all wood which was left out the previous time.

Extras: At Cornățel we met Valer Cîndea, former steam engine driver on the SAR who now settled in the station at Cornățel. We listened to his stories, drank coffee and congratulated him for taking care of the building, one of the few which retains its original appearance and ornaments.
At Agnita we ventured to the town end of the station together with Mr. Damian, the welder. He told us how the turntable worked, of which now only the concrete pit remains, and with his help we found the well which supplied water to steam locomotives, now covered with rotten shrubs, as well as the remains of a water crane - two bits of pipes which were cut long ago at ground level. The well looked more like a trap, so we removed the dead shrubs to at least make it visible.

Sibiu - Agnita (- Sighișoara) Railway the "Prietenii Mocăniței" Association