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27 April 2010 - Agnita station maintenance, Agnita-Beneşti sector maintenance - 2 participants

Agenda: Due to a donation of herbicide from the Agnita Town Hall, we managed to spray herbicide on the approximately 2 km between the Agnita station and the Bârghiș swamp, as well as the western switches area, line no. 7, half the length of lines no. 1, 2 and 3, and the western side of the station platform.

Extras: We were visited by a group of young people, both Romanians and Germans, that came to the area to gather informations about the Hârtibaciu valley, in order to write an article about it. During the hour they spent with us, the young journalists were introduced to the history of the railway, actions of the Friends of the Mocanita, as well as plans for the future. Together we then walked along the line between the Agnita station and the Coveș halt, several hundred meters that illustrate all current states of the railway, from tracks burried under earth and lost in reed fields, to sections cleared of earth and weeds, as well as restored buildings.

Sibiu - Agnita (- Sighișoara) Railway the "Prietenii Mocăniței" Association