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19 June 2010 - the passenger carriage - 5 participants

Agenda: Although so far we tried various methods to remove the layer of putty, this proved to be very slow, so today we switched to the old method of chisel & hammer and drilling machine driven chisel. Thus our efficiency increased considerably, managing to remove the putty from almost an entire side of the carriage by the time the afternoon storm banished us home.
Should we source more drilling machines, next Saturday we hope to end the "putty" operation, which will be followed by grinding and sandblasting.

Extras: Due to the construction works on the road between Sibiu and Agnita, we took on secondary roads, longer but much more beautiful. At noon we served pizza in "the reastaurant car" and, most importantly, a new volunteer offered his help - Virgil.

Sibiu - Agnita (- Sighișoara) Railway the "Prietenii Mocăniței" Association