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16 September 2013 - Hosman-Cornăţel sector maintenance, Moto-draisine - 2 participants

Agenda: We dismantled the moto-draisine pending cleaning and repainting. We also gained 300 more meters of track cleared of weeds.

14 September 2013 - Hosman-Cornăţel sector maintenance - 2 participants

Agenda: We cleared the weeds off another 300m of track.

07 September 2013 - Hosman-Cornăţel sector maintenance, The water tower in Cornățel - 3 participants

Agenda: We finished painting inside the water tower, after which we took the velo-draisine and set off to inspect the track up to Hosman, taking notes about its status.

30 August 2013 - The water tower in Cornățel - 5 participants

Agenda: We finished taking out the rubble and started painting the inner walls.

Extras: Earlier today we offered a group of 16 bloggers a ride with the moto-draisine towards Hosman. The TV camera operator was again present, both for the morning ride and for the afternoon work.

27 August 2013 - The water tower in Cornățel - 4 participants

Agenda: We started working on the water tower in order to host a photo exhibit to complement the round table on Sep 19'th. The first action was to take out all the rubble.

Extras: A camera operator from the national television TVR joined us and filmed our action for a TV story.

24 August 2013 - Cornăţel station maintenance, Hosman-Cornăţel sector maintenance, The water tower in Cornățel - 7 participants

Agenda: We mowed yet another kilometer of track between Cornățel and Hosman, after which we put our motor-draisine and its two carriages onto the track and set off to inspect the track. At the end of the 4km of operational track we cleared trees on a section of overgrown track. Forced by rain to return to Cornățel, we started taking out debris from inside and around the water tower. After the rain passed we cleared some more weeds from the main line in the station.

Extras: We thank Marian, Gigi, Dina and Iasmina for their effort to come all the way from Arad to help. As for guests, we were happy to be accompanied by two reporters of a young magazine, from which we eagerly await the article.

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13 July 2013 - Agnita station maintenance, Carriage shed - 3 participants

Agenda: We mounted the apex of the roof and vertical tin corners on the carriage shed and mowed the direct line as well as part of the sidings area.

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30 June 2013 - bicycle trolley - 2 participants

Agenda: Repairs to the gear mechanism of our velo-draisine, while awaiting for a group of tourists.

29 June 2013 - Hosman-Cornăţel sector maintenance - 5 participants

Agenda: We profit from the only rainless day in this period to get a feel on replacing sleepers. We aimed for a remote place near Hosman but on our way we had to stop and clear the vegetation which bloomed after all that rain. Thus our sleeper replacement changed into mowing weeds and cutting down trees and branches, but we did find a couple rotten sleepers on the spot and had our way with replacing them. We never reached the intended location, which got postponed for next time.

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08 June 2013 - Agnita station maintenance, The water tower in Cornățel, Carriage shed - 4 participants

Agenda: Another Saturday, another volunteering activity on the SAR. This time we dismantled the loading ramp at Agnita, mowed some of the weeds, took measures for some strips of tin at the carriage shed and cut in two some standard gauge sleepers. We then carried the sleepers to Cornățel, preparing for a larger action of sleeper replacement, and put back some tiles which were displaced or taken down by storm on the water tower roof. In other words, Radu, Cătălin and Mihai checked each just over 12 hours of work on the SAR today!

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