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15 September 2012 - Hosman-Cornăţel sector maintenance, tourism - 4 participants

Agenda: On a rainy day, we went with our motorized draisine on the line from Cornățel to Hosman, clearing shrubs near Hosman. The reason for this was our presence at the Mill's Day in Hosman, where a couple tourists were brave enough to have a ride on SAR tracks, despite the rain. At the end of the day the draisine made its way back to Cornățel on tracks, ingeniously overcoming the major obstacle - two meters of missing track.

08 September 2012 - Agnita station maintenance, Carriage shed - 1 participant

Agenda: Most of the rear structure and that of one of the big doors have been painted and the end of the platform has been cleared of vegetation. Meanwhile the welder completed and polished the welds on the big doors, little door and rear of the carriage shed and then fitted the lock on the little door.

18 August 2012 - Carriage shed - 1 participant

Agenda: Together with the welder, we finished both the frames of the doors and that of the back end of the carriage shed. The two roof sheets of tin at the end of the carriage shed which were in danger of being torn by the wind were also much better fixed.

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11 August 2012 - Carriage shed - 4 participants

Agenda: Together with Mr. Damian, the welder, we continued building the doors for the carriage shed. Meanwhile, some of us repaired various broken tools, a secondary task but equally important.

Extras: Laurie took on the first individual task in our organization, by adopting for restoration the lamp of a water crane we dismantled a couple years ago for safe storage. Hopefully his example will be followed by other volunteers.

28 July 2012 - Hosman-Cornăţel sector maintenance, tourism - 3 participants

Agenda: The Transylvanian Brunch was held today at Hoasman and we were invited, with our motorized draisine, to provide tours for participants after the event. We spent the morning clearing the tracks of weeds near the level crossing at Hosman, transporting and preparing the draisine. Around mid-day the first groups of tourists arrived and we happily served them although we weren't quite ready yet. We didn't count the number of round trips but by the end of the day some 80 tourists, kids and adults, Romaniand and foreigners, enjoyed a ride on 1.6 kilometers of track towards Cornățel and back.

Extras: We ate well and drew our breath at the Old Mill in Hosman, together with the Brunch organizers.

21 July 2012 - Hosman-Cornăţel sector maintenance, Carriage shed - 7 participants

Agenda: We split into two teams: Marian's dad, Laurie and Mihai stayed at Agnita to build the doors for the carriage shed, while Marian, Dani, Bogdan and Virgil took the moto-draisine to Hosman to remove trees and branches from the final part of the Cornățel - Hosman track section, in preparation for next Saturday's event (Transylvanian Brunch in Hosman, where we'll be driving tourists up and down with the moto-draisine). Unfortunately both teams suffered in terms of efficiency due to an engine failure on the draisine. By the end of the day we had one of the carriage shed doors built, as well as some 2.5 kilometers of track deforested from Hosman towards Cornățel. We couldnțt connect to the already cleared track section towards Cornățel due to 2 meters of missing track and many spikes and fishplates which have recently vanished.

14 July 2012 - Agnita-Beneşti sector maintenance, Carriage shed - 4 participants

Agenda: We fitted the final 7 sheets of tin on the side of the carriage shed. The now regular patrolling followed, with the moto-draisine from Agnita station to the Bârghiș swamp + 250 meters, removing occasional tree branches.

Extras: We had our first tourists with the moto-draisine, which we drove on the 2.5 operational kilometers.

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07 July 2012 - Agnita-Beneşti sector maintenance - 5 participants

Agenda: Although we planned to install the last sheets of tin on the side of the carriage shed, the intense sun and the 38 degrees changed our plans, forcing us to search shade. Thus, we put back fishplates, punched in rail spikes and cleared shrubs on about 250 meters from the Bârghiș swamp towards Benești, increasing the running length of track to 1.5 miles.

Extras: Before reaching Agnita we stopped at Cornățel to give interviews and be filmed pedalling on the velo-draisine. Three national TV channels (Antena 1, ProTV and B1 TV) each made a report on our novel attraction, following its appearence in the Sibiu County Tourism Agency's newsletter. The reports were broadcasted the same day, at the mid-day, evening and night news.

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30 June 2012 - Agnita station maintenance, Agnita-Beneşti sector maintenance, Carriage shed - 6 participants

Agenda: We finished mounting the roof, we sprayed herbicide on lines 1 and 2 in the station, cut reeds just outside the station and patrolled the line to the Bârghiș swamp, while removing small trees and branches which hindered passage.

Extras: While patrolling the track, we picked up some children and their parents who were returning from the Brunch in Alma Vii and stopped their cars when seeing our drezine. It's fair to say we made those kids' day.

16 June 2012 - Agnita station maintenance, Carriage shed - 5 participants

Agenda: We covered with tin one side of the roof of the carriage shed and trimmed vegetation on the direct track and the station platform. Small trees were also removed from the side tracks.

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