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01 June 2013 - tourism - 6 participants

Agenda: On Children's Day, we entertained the children with our draisines on the SAR. The velo-draisine ran up and down in the station at Cornățel, while the moto-draisine made longer trips towards Hosman. We also had a presentation stand in the School Farm at Cornățel, which hosted many events dedicated to children. The entire action was part of the Cultural Days of Sibiu County.

28 April 2013 - tourism - 3 participants

Agenda: We responded to an invitation from Jochen Cotaru and went to Hosman to offer the participants to the Craftsmen Fair a special treat - a ride with our moto-draisine on the SAR tracks. In total we did about ten round trips, all but one fully loaded.

Extras: As always, we developed new friendships and initiated possible cooperations.

21 April 2013 - Cornăţel station maintenance, Hosman-Cornăţel sector maintenance - 4 participants

Agenda: By means of our moto-draisine and its trolley we sprayed herbicide on the tracks in the station at Cornățel and on the 7km of rails between Cornățel and Hosman.

Extras: On route we collected many spikes piled up under small bridges by thieves, probably to be collected later. We even found a crowbar, no doubtedly used to pull spikes out of sleepers. We also freed wires from the leftover bit of pole, vandalised yesterday.

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20 April 2013 - Agnita station maintenance, Agnita-Beneşti sector maintenance - 4 participants

Agenda: We started our work season at the SAR by spraying herbicide on the tracks at Agnita and on the two operational kilometres from Agnita to just beyond Bârghiș swamp. For the first time we didn't spray walking, but from the new velo-draisine which Marian brought.

Extras: On our way back home we spotted three young men from Hosman who were cutting down SAR telephone poles. We stopped them just before cutting down the second pole, however they fled with their horse and cart before the police got there, abandoning their prey on the way.

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10 November 2012 - Carriage shed - 3 participants

Agenda: Last November we erected the first pole of the carriage shed. One year and five days later we completed covering and fencing the building with tin, today having fitted the last four panels to the rear of the building, while Mr. Damian dealt with the small access door. Although there are still many things to do, we go into Winter more relax with the carriage under cover and the building locked.

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03 November 2012 - Carriage shed, Rolling stock repair workshop - 5 participants

Agenda: We loaded, transported, unloaded and piled up under shelter the remaining timber from the former goods warehouse, for which Ispas helped with his lorry and Paul, our youngest volunteer, helped with loading. Under the last rays of sun we fitted one of the five sheets of tin still needed to fully close the carriage shed.

Extras: Unfortunately we found that the nearby sawmill had sold its 200 metres long siding to scrap just two days before. The siding would have been saved if only we had been notified...

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27 October 2012 - Carriage shed - 2 participants

Agenda: After a short stop to investigate progress on the restoration of the stables building in the station at Alțîna, we carried on to Agnita and started fitting tin to the ends of the carriage shed. We only got to cover the second of the big gates before the rain forced us to capitulate. At least one of the ends is now fully covered, now we can tackle the end of the building.

13 October 2012 - Rolling stock repair workshop, Points and switches - 2 participants

Agenda: Although we had planned to continue fitting tin on the ends of the carriage shed at Agnita, both the low number of volunteers and the rainy weather forced us to re-consider. We thus ended up at the station in Vurpăr, where we met an old friend - Valer Cândea, the last engine driver of the Mocănița. After a careful inspection of the station infrastructure, we decided to take away one of the point levers which had its fixings compromised and thus was in danger of being stolen. We then carried on to Agnita where, after a quick cleaning of our room in the station building and storing the point lever, we finished piling under the shed all wood which was left out the previous time.

Extras: At Cornățel we met Valer Cîndea, former steam engine driver on the SAR who now settled in the station at Cornățel. We listened to his stories, drank coffee and congratulated him for taking care of the building, one of the few which retains its original appearance and ornaments.
At Agnita we ventured to the town end of the station together with Mr. Damian, the welder. He told us how the turntable worked, of which now only the concrete pit remains, and with his help we found the well which supplied water to steam locomotives, now covered with rotten shrubs, as well as the remains of a water crane - two bits of pipes which were cut long ago at ground level. The well looked more like a trap, so we removed the dead shrubs to at least make it visible.

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30 September 2012 - Rolling stock repair workshop - 9 participants

Agenda: The former owner of the SAR goods warehouse in Agnita urged us to take away the wood which is still stored on his land. Thus, taking advantage of the presence of our SARUK friends, we joined forces to transport the wood to the station.
We rented a lorry and managed to load, transport and unload half of the wood, planning to return for the other half. However, moving around all that wood proved to be much more demanding than anticipated, so the second transport was postponed to a later time. Once unloaded in the station at Agnita, we started piling the wood under the shed, by the side of the carriage, but we ran out of breath before getting the job done, which is understandable considering our combined age was around 500.
We greatly thank our friends for their help, them also offering to pay for the transport, through individual donations.

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29 September 2012 - Carriage shed - 4 participants

Agenda: Today we set off for Agnita to put tin on the front and back of the carriage shed.
Before that however we had to re-arrange the stuff inside our room in the station building to make way for the bycicle-trolley. Our friends from SARUK used it on Thursday to inspect the track between Agnita and Bârghiș swamp and couldn't fit it in the room due to some sleepers blocking the way.
We then moved on to the carriage shed, where Vlad painted the metal frames while Laurie, Virgil and Mihai mounted tin on one of the big doors. It wasn't an easy task, the incline of the roof involving many measurements, cuttings and tests. Furthermore, the awkward position and two broken drills contributed to the low efficiency of the day.

Extras: Towards the end of the day we were visited and encouraged by our British friends from SARUK, upon their return from the Brunch held at Apold.

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